Welcome to Rise Online!

Rise Online is a special project started to give the silkroad community the server they’ve always dreamt of.

Our number one goal is to give back to the players that spend hours upon hours of their day to progress in a server that gives nothing back, Here at Rise Online it is our number one goal to reward players that stay committed & active on our server!

How will we do that?

We will be giving away about $400 USD every month!!

$100 USD to the #1 Trader! MONTHLY!

$100 USD to the #1 Hunter! MONTHLY!

$100 USD to the #1 Thief! MONTHLY!

We will also be doing a PVP Tournament every 30days!! With first place prizes of up to $100 USD and SILK REWARDS!

We think it’s time that players start getting rewarded regularly for all their hard work and time they put into a server!

Our goal is to create the BIGGEST silkroad community EVER, Hope you will join us and be apart of history!

I want to state that I know most people will be concerned that a server giving away so much money won’t be able to last and or stay online long term but please be assured we aren’t going anywhere this is and will be a long term project. Money will never be an issue, we truly will appreciate any donations that are made but please be aware that we aren’t counting on the community’s donations to keep the server up and running!!

We love you all and hope to see everyone online during the beta!

Rise Online will be a server that will start in 80 cap that will progressively increase yearly until it reaches cap 110, The server will be both European & Chinese and will be as balanced as can be!

~ Rise Online Management

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